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Vision Statement

South Stokes High School will prepare all students to be collaborative, lifelong learners and responsible citizens.

Mission Statement

The staff of South Stokes High School will collaborate to analyze data, refine best practices, and improve community connections to address our student population's needs. We will focus our professional development and professional learning communities on core instruction with an emphasis on academic, social, emotional, and behavioral growth  through  authentic academic learning opportunities in a blended learning environment to prepare all students for post-secondary success.


South Stokes Beliefs

  • We believe teachers, parents, students, and the community share the responsibility for the development of strong community and personal values.
  • We believe students learn best in a safe, secure, orderly, and respectful environment.
  • We believe there should be mutual respect among administrators, teachers, parents, and students.
  • We believe all students can learn, achieve, and succeed.
  • We believe a quality education should be provided for all students regardless of their race, creed, or gender.
  • We believe instructional practices should incorporate learning activities that reflect differences in learning styles.
  • We believe students should be challenged to rise to their highest level of achievement.
  • We believe that students, parents, and teachers must share the accountability and responsibility of the educational process.
  • We believe students should develop critical thinking skills that will enable them to make sound decisions concerning their future.
  • We believe that every person at South Stokes High School has worth, deserves respect, and needs an advocate.
  • We believe students should leave South Stokes High School with the utmost confidence in their abilities to succeed in the next level of education or occupational endeavor.


Choice of Name - The Sauras

Named for the Saura Tribe of Indians who came into the Valley of the Dan sometime before 1700. They called their village Sauratown. Records tell us that they were clean and stood very tall and straight, and that they walked with a sort of majestic dignity. They were courageous, straight-forward, intelligent, generous and charitable. Can you think of better traits to emulate?


School Colors

  • Maroon - out of many - one
  • White - cooperation on neutral ground
  • Yellow Gold - new corporate body - clear and strong


Class Ring and Crest

  • ​pine cones - representing the former high schools
  • pine trees - our school growing straight, tall and strong
  • mountain range - dependability
  • upward aimed arrow with drawn bow - striving always toward a goal


We, the students of South Stokes High School, do faithfully pledge to honor and uphold our school's creditable characteristics. Furthermore, we pledge to educate our minds and develop our bodies in the best of our abilities and to strive to reach our goals in success. ~ Geneva Eaton - Class of '66


Alma Mater

In the mountains stately standing
our Alma Mater true;
of our best she is demanding:
No less will ever do. 

Taut the bows and straight the arrows
aiming for the sky;
Life is full of joys and sorrows,
These we will outvie. 

Hark the drums of South Stokes Sauras
sounding far and wide
Beating calls of sons and daughters
Filled with love and pride. 

Chorus: For all the Sauras who came before us,
And all there are to be -
We pledge our love and true devotion,
To South eternally.

Verse - Gale Stone (1968)
Chorus - Pat Badgett (1968)

Mission Statement

The Stokes County School System will create a safe and caring learning environment where all students graduate as life-long learners who are future ready and globally competitive.


Vision Statement

The Stokes County School System provides an innovative learning environment where all students WILL succeed.


Strategic Goals

Goal I: The Stokes County Public Schools will produce globally competitive students.

Goal II: The Stokes County Public Schools will be led by 21st Century professionals.

Goal III: The Stokes County Public Schools students will be healthy and responsible.

Goal IV: Leadership will guide innovation in the Stokes County Public Schools.

Goal V: The Stokes County Public Schools will be governed and supported by 21st Century systems.