** 2020-2021 Athletic Information **

**  2020-2021 Athletic Information  **
Spectators for 2020-2021 athletic competitions will be limited due to mass gathering and social distancing requirements.  Current restrictions limit indoor spectators to 25 individuals.  At this time, player passes will be sold to players' families and information is distributed to student athletes and families at parent meetings for each sport.  Spectators from visiting teams are not allowed at this time. 
Most home events will be broadcast live on the South Stokes YouTube page.  Broadcasts for away events will be shared on the South Stokes Facebook and Twitter (@SauraPride) pages on the day of the event.  Broadcasts of away events may be provided by the home team and/or South Stokes.
The athletic schedule can be found on the South Stokes High School Calendar.
The North Carolina High School Athletic Association provides guidance on implementing mass gathering and social distancing requirements for high school athletics based on state guidance.  South Stokes will continue to follow state and local guidelines in our athletics program.  Please call the school with any questions 336-994-2995.