Senior Grades

On Friday, the NC State Board of Education provided guidance regarding senior grades in response to COVID-19.

Based on their direction, seniors who have a passing grade in their high school classes as of March 13 will receive credit for their current high school courses.  From March 13 until the end of the third quarter, students were not assigned new coursework; therefore, credit is determined based on third-quarter grades. Seniors with failing grades at the end of the third quarter will be provided opportunities to earn their credit and teachers will be in contact with those seniors about credit recovery requirements.

Our teachers will continue to provide content delivery for all seniors. We encourage seniors to continue with coursework for the remainder of the semester.  Many of our seniors are planning to pursue further education, and continued participation in their coursework could prove beneficial in post-secondary pursuits.

Based on these changes in grading procedures for seniors, honor graduate calculations will not include grades from the spring semester of 2020.

Students and families who have questions are encouraged to contact Mrs. Cheek.


State Board of Education Guidance